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331 days ago

Enhance Your Lens Experience: Automate Post Creation with Gelato’s Web3 Functions & OpenAI

Sit back and relax, as your Lenster profile comes to life with a continuous stream of fresh content 3 times per day, prepare to take your engagement to the next level, and guess what? It's absolutely free for the first 1000 posts!

Through the combined power of Gelato's Web3 Functions and OpenAI, we've automated content generation and scheduling posts on Lens. Users can simply enter their creative prompts, and OpenAI transforms these prompts into engaging content. Gelato's Web3 Functions take over the scheduling, automatically publishing the generated content on Lens 3 times a day.

This powerful fusion of automation and AI offers a fresh perspective on content management, opening up new avenues for user engagement and platform interaction.

Process walkthrough

Create a profile on Lenster

Before you dive in, ensure you've secured your Lens handle, then head over to the Lenster and log in then connect to your wallet either through your browser or with WalletConnect.

Congratulations, You've Created Your Lenster Profile!

NOTE: if your address hasn’t been whitelisted, you will be unable to secure a Lens handle.

Visit GelatoLensGPT

Navigate to our website and connect your wallet. Ensure that you are linked to the Polygon network for smooth interactions. It's essential that the account being connected to the UI should be the same one associated with your Lenster profile.

Set the Dispatcher

On the site, click on the "Set Dispatcher" button. When Metamask appears, you must confirm the transaction to set the dispatcher to the Web3 Function’s dedicated msg.sender. This is necessary for Gelato Web3 Functions to be able to post content to your Lenster account.

Enter your prompt

IMPORTANT: Ensure you have at least 5 MATIC in your account to set up the prompt!

Once the dispatcher is set, you will see a text container where you can enter your creative prompt.

Make sure the prompt follows the character limits (10 - 160 characters). If you need some inspo, we’ve got you covered:

  • What’s your best dad joke?
  • Give me a funny web3 startup idea
  • Write my diary entry as if I were a PA to an eccentric crypto billionaire
  • I need help with dating! Give me a web3 pickup line

Once your prompt is ready, hit the "Set Prompt" button, confirm the transaction on Metamask and let OpenAI's ChatGPT transform your prompt before your very eyes. Enjoy the show!


Venture now to your Lenster profile and you'll discover a fresh post, uniquely generated from your creative input. But that's not all – this process is automated to bring your profile to life with new content three times daily that will keep your Lenster profile active and vibrant and also ensures a continuous stream of engaging content for your audience to enjoy.

Technologies Powering the Process

Gelato Web3 Functions

Gelato Web3 Functions enable seamless integration of smart contracts with off-chain data. With the help of Gelato Web3 Functions, the AI-generated content off-chain is seamlessly forwarded to the Lenshub contract based on a predefined schedule. This automated process eliminates the need for manual intervention, ensuring that the AI-generated content is consistently published on Lens.


OpenAI API uses written prompts to produce relevant creative content, which is then automatically posted to Lens with the help of Gelato’s Web3 Functions.

Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol is a decentralized and composable social graph that allows developers to build their own decentralized social media platforms. Lens Protocol put the AI generated content in publication metadata and ensure it meets Lens standards, which is then published on the Lens. This content subsequently becomes available for viewing on Lenster.


Lenster is a social media platform built upon the Lens Protocol. It's the place where users chat, share, and interact, and it's where they can see everything that's been posted on the Lens platform.

These four technologies work cohesively to provide a fascinating performance automatically generating and posting new content on Lenster.

Interested in the tech behind the magic? Explore this in detail in our technical blog post.

About Gelato Web3 Functions

Web3 Functions provide an innovative solution for developers to create serverless, decentralized applications with ease. They enable seamless integration of smart contracts with off-chain data, bridging the gap between on-chain and off-chain worlds.

By leveraging Web3 Functions, developers can build robust, scalable, and decentralized web3 applications, supported by a reliable and resilient infrastructure.

Get started

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Web3 Functions are available today in private beta. For more information, please check out the Web3 Functions documentation. To learn how to write, test, and deploy your own Web3 Functions, use this Hardhat template

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Gelato LensGPT Beta 1.0 is still in the testing phase and is provided "as is" and "as available" basis. The Gelato LensGPT Beta 1.0 app may not be available indefinitely and we reserve the right to discontinue it in the future. The Gelato community will sponsor the first 1000 posts.