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Reliable, developer-friendly & decentralized smart contract automation

Web3 App Automation
Made Simple

Decentralized battle-tested infrastructure that provides a secure foundation for 500+ leading Web3 Apps across DeFi, NFTs & Gaming


React to on & off-chain events

Unified USDC payments

Access any off-chain data & APIs

Advanced monitoring

Available on 30+ networks and Gelato rollups

Easy debugging

Get started in minutes

Get started

How it works


Select your trigger

Execute at regular time intervals, in reaction to an on-chain event or in every block


Define what to run

Run on or off-chain logic to prescribe what on-chain transactions you want to execute


Fund & Go!

Top up your 1Balance with USDC and your task is up and running

Now Supporting

On & Off-chain Functions


Solidity Functions

When all the conditions for your automation task are available on-chain you can write a Solidity Function using popular frameworks including Foundry and Hardhat.

Perfect for use cases such as harvesting and compounding yield, executing limit orders, dollar cost average and many more.


Typescript Functions

Build serverless Web3 apps that connect your smart contracts to any http APIs - including price feeds, subgraphs or databases from providers like Coingecko, Pyth, The Graph & many more - without needing to run any backend infra yourself.

No need to rewrite your existing backend logic, just copy it over and you are good to go. Full support for NPM modules, reliable RPCs and in-function storage.

The data speaks for itself. Over 80M runs and counting

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Typescript Functions

Supercharged with Advanced Features

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Supported Networks
Gelato Web3 Functions are available on more than 30 networks, with new networks added every week
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