“At Gelato our longstanding commitment is to lower the entry barriers to web3 developers, making it easy for anyone to create new, feature-rich blockchains and applications. We aim to provide a scalable and user-friendly experience, paving the way for a more decentralized and inclusive digital future.”- Hilmar Orth, Co-founder

Join us in building
the future of the internet

Enjoy a lot of perks, travel with us to cool events, and participate in amazing off-site retreats with the team!

Build the future of the web. Help build the back-end of Web3 and contribute to making the decentralized web a reality for everyone
Remote anywhere
We are a globally remote business. Fully remote, flexible working time, and working autonomously is a way of life here at Gelato
Ownership Driven
We are all invested in success. We offer a unique and exclusive token package where all colleagues share in our success
We value a balanced approach to work and life commitments. Work hard and build your schedule around your objectives
Soak up the ecosystem. Take part in amazing Web3 ecosystem events all over the world. Connect and learn from thought leaders in our space
Flexible Holidays
The well being of our colleagues is important to us, so take the time you need to find the right balance

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