Fast, verifiable
pushed on-chain

Create transparent & fair games, NFTs, lotteries and other on-chain applications with distributed randomness

Low latency, on-demand verified randomness source

Enjoy a blazingly fast, cost effective & on-demand access to verifable randomness sourced from the Distributed Randomness Beacon (Drand) created by the League of Entropy

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How Gelato Web3
Functions Work

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Easily integrate Gelato VRF in your smart contracts

1  import { GelatoVRFConsumerBase } from "./GelatoVRF.sol";
3  contract RandomApp is GelatoVRFConsumerBase {
5      function requestRandomness(bytes memory data) external returns (uint64) { 
6          // Request randomness with your callback data 
7          return _requestRandomness(data);
8      }
10     function fulfillRandomness(uint256 randomness, bytes calldata) external { 
11         // Do any random computation with the received randomness 
12         // ... 
13     }
14 }

Verifiable source of randomness for smart contracts


Verifiable randomness

Gelato VRF random values are generated by the Distributed Randomness Beacon, a verifiable, unpredictable and unbiased random number generator run by the Ethereum Foundation, Protocol Labs and other major web3 organizations

Multichain Compatible

Available on all
major EVM chains

Gelato VRF is the most widely deployed VRF solution.
Access randomness on 14+ EVM compatible chains

Automated & Serverless

Reliable event-driven model

Gelato VRF utilizes an on-demand system, enabling the seamless and efficient fulfillment of randomness requests on-chain through a request and response model

Advanced Payment Management

Simple USDC payments

Gelato VRF is built on top of Gelato's 1Balance payment system, allowing developers to simply pay for transactions across all chains with a single USDC balance

Supercharge your dapp with
advanced VRF features

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Access multi-chain
verified randomness

Gelato VRF offers decentralized Apps a transparent random number through a smart contract, accessible across more than 14 blockchains

Explore a wide spectrum of VRF implementations

Power your gaming, NFT, prediction markets and other on-chain
use cases with provably secure Gelato VRF

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Supported Networks
Gelato Web3 Functions are available on more than 30 networks, with new networks added every week
Interested in adding Gelato to your network?
If you operate an EVM-compatible network, deploy our market-leading middleware solution for your developers.