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270 days ago

BasedApp x Gelato Relay: Revolutionizing Crypto Card Payments


BasedApp is a platform designed to empower users to spend, send, and invest in crypto on the go, and is releasing the first noncustodial Visa debit card in Singapore, enabling users to manage their crypto assets seamlessly and conduct transactions without intermediaries. The BasedApp Wallet, integrated with Gelato Relay, enables gasless transactions, streamlining user interactions.

As Gelato Network Co-founder Hilmar Orth points out,

“There are 600+ billion credit card transactions executed every year, those will at some point be initiated via public blockchains powered by Gelato Relay."

BasedApp: The First Noncustodial Visa Debit Card in Singapore

Welcome to the world of BasedApp, where traditional banking meets cryptocurrency. This innovative platform not only provides a wallet but also the first non-custodial Visa debit card in Singapore, and is looking to support more countries in the near future. Through BasedApp, managing cryptocurrency becomes a breeze, as users can spend tokens from their BasedApp wallet by tapping at Visa terminals effortlessly. This is more than just an app, it's a breakthrough in the world of finance.

The BasedApp Ecosystem: Wallet & Card

The BasedApp Wallet is available for anyone to use, serving as a secure crypto wallet. This groundbreaking wallet does more than allow you to hold crypto; it provides you with the power to send money to friends, save, and invest, all while keeping your digital assets secure. The BasedApp Wallet is equipped with:

  • Social logins via Google and Email for secure wallet access.
  • 1-click transactions with batched signings for ease of use.
  • Instant token transfers to friends for hassle-free exchanges.
  • Gasless Transactions: Say goodbye to keeping gas tokens. BasedApp integrates Gelato Relay to enable gasless transactions, significantly enhancing user experience.

BasedApp presents the first non-custodial Visa debit card in Singapore – the BasedApp Card. With this card, users can bid farewell to intermediaries and spend directly from their wallets at any location that accepts Visa. Simply top up the card with funds from your BasedApp Wallet and begin your effortless spending journey.

Account Abstraction & Gelato Relay in BasedApp

BasedApp, constructed on the robust Safe Core framework—an advanced account abstraction smart contract wallet—streamlines often complex crypto interactions for a better user experience. Leveraging the power of Account Abstraction, users enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience, complete with easy login options via email or Google account, and 1-click transactions.

The integration of the Safe Core AA SDK Relay Kit, powered by Gelato Relay, distinguishes BasedApp in the move towards wider crypto adoption. Gelato Relay enables gasless transactions, offering smart contract developers an efficient, secure way to validate transactions without gas fee payments. The result is effortless blockchain interactions for users, without the need to handle gas tokens or transaction fees on-chain. Backed by Gelato Relay, BasedApp removes complexities, paving the way for a simpler and more intuitive web3 experience that will help onboard more users to web3.

Comparing Traditional Card Payment Flow and BasedApp Card Payment Flow

Traditional Card Payment Flow

The traditional card payment flow is a straightforward journey that follows a standard progression.

  • User: Initiates the transaction by presenting their card details for payment.
  • Merchant: Collects payment information and submits the transaction for processing.
  • Acquirer: Merchant's bank that receives the transaction details and forwards it for approval.
  • Card Networks: Channels that facilitate secure and efficient communication between the acquirer and the issuer.
  • Issuer: Customer's bank that approves or declines the transaction based on account status and communicates back to the merchant.

BasedApp Card Payment Flow

  • User: The journey begins with the user making a purchase at a merchant with the BasedApp card. This card is linked to the user's BasedApp Wallet, which holds ERC-20 tokens, such as stablecoins, deposited by the user.

  • Merchant: The merchant's point-of-sale (POS) system collects the payment information and sends a request for payment to the acquirer.

  • Acquirer: The acquirer forwards the transaction details to Visa.

  • Visa: Visa then sends the transaction details to Fazz Financial Group, which serves as the issuer for the BasedApp Card.

  • Fazz: Fazz plays a crucial role as the licensed intermediary for the issuing bank infrastructure, enabling BasedApp to legally issue cards in Singapore while ensuring seamless interactions with Visa.

  • BasedApp: BasedApp receives the authorization request. It checks the user's vault contract on Polygon to ensure that funds are sufficient to cover the transaction. This vault contract is a special smart contract that locks up the user's balance on the chain.

  • Vault Contract: The vault contract's role is to hold the user's deposited tokens and confirm that the funds can cover the requested payment. The vault contract verifies this in real-time during the transaction authorization process.

  • Gelato Relay: An integral part of the BasedApp ecosystem, Gelato Relay serves as the gasless payment infrastructure, taking the complexity out of user interactions with the blockchain. In the journey of making a payment to a merchant, users no longer need to concern themselves with holding native tokens to pay for gas fees. Gelato Relay alleviates this worry by paying the transaction fees on behalf of the user. It deposits the stablecoins from the user's wallet into the vault contract. It allows the transaction to transpire without the user worrying about paying gas fees for on-chain transactions.

Once the funds have been confirmed in the user's vault, BasedApp approves the transaction, and the process goes in reverse back through Fazz, Visa, the acquirer, and finally to the merchant's system, which indicates that the transaction has been approved.

Next, the clearing phase occurs. The transaction details, including the purchase amount, are sent back through the chain to BasedApp.

Finally, settlement happens. Gelato Relay transfers the amount of the purchase from the user's vault contract to BasedApp. BasedApp then settles the transaction with Fazz in fiat currency. Fazz settles with Visa, which then settles with the acquirer, and finally, the merchant receives the payment in fiat currency.

Through this process, the BasedApp card allows the user to pay with crypto while the merchant receives the payment in fiat currency, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance.


In conclusion, BasedApp is a pioneering financial tool that bridges the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency. It empowers users to manage their crypto assets seamlessly while facilitating transactions with ease and efficiency. The integration with Gelato Relay eliminates the complexities of blockchain transactions, ensuring a smooth, gasless payment experience. In essence, BasedApp is a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and the democratization of decentralized finance.

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