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450 days ago

Gasless NFT Minting

Renault NFT Use Case: Gasless NFT minting using a fiat onramp


  • There is a rising trend of companies using NFTs to engage with customers and users
  • Renault worked with Renaissance to overcome their user onboarding difficulties by integrating Gelato Relay
  • Using Stripe in conjunction with Gelato enables users to buy NFTs with Fiat currency without worrying about gas fees

The Problem

Well established brands across different industries are using NFTs to create engaging experiences for their customers.

Luxury fashion brands like Prada have released exclusive NFT capsule collections, as well as brands like Gucci, Adidas, and TagHeuer. The entertainment industry, the gaming world, and museums are similarly following suit.

All of these brands have a reach that spans millions of users, many of whom do not hold any crypto or understand how to transact on the blockchain. For these users, the onboarding experience has two main blockers:

  1. Creating a private key and owning a wallet
  2. Buying cryptocurrency

Setting up a wallet and creating a private key for the first time is cumbersome enough, but the largest blocker for onboarding users is helping them figure out how to buy the cryptocurrency they need.

E-commerce is part of our daily life, and most people are used to transacting items using credit cards. This is where web3 brand projects like Renaissance come in to help brands build seamless metaverse experiences by integrating tools like Gelato. Gasless NFT minting powered by Gelato Relay enables projects to mimic the user journey traditionally seen in e-commerce without needing to purchase any cryptocurrency.

Renault NFT Use Case

On the 15th December 2022, Renault did an NFT airdrop of the R3NLT collection, which was a resounding success- all 1972 NFTs were sold in 48 hours! This was made possible by Renaissance integrating Gelato!

Renault made the entire experience seamless for users with no previous web3 experience by allowing people to pay with a credit card.

User Onboarding

Renault used Discord to communicate with their users, and helped them learn how to interact with web3 by publishing a tutorial that taught them how to create a Metamask wallet.

Additionally, Renault also implemented web3Auth allowing users to log in with their social providers and, with the help of Torus Wallet, authenticate them without going through the process of creating a wallet in the first place!

This amazing user experience was rounded off with the ability to pay with a credit card for the NFT minting. Here we can see the Renault demo video showing how to buy the NFT with a credit card:

Stripe & Gelato

Under the hood, Renault used Stripe & Gelato Relay. Stripe enables users to pay with a credit card, and Gelato Relay was then used to forward the NFT minting transaction on-chain.

Renault only required users to have a wallet to sign the request (and later on-chain), assigning the NFTs to their wallets.

Below we can see the schematic flow of the request when paying with credit card:

The Renault NFT contract is verified and can be found at

Gelato Relay

Gelato Relay offers users gasless transactions for better web3 UX, and is available on all major EVM-compatible chains.

The Relay docs can be found here as can our guide How to send your first gasless transaction

Stay tuned for a hands-on demo on how to create a web3 app that allows users to pay for their NFTs with a credit card!

About Gelato

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