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51 days ago

Experience Gas-Free Transactions with the Safe {Wallet} & Gelato Integration

Safe Wallet and Gelato Network have teamed up to offer Safe Wallet users a smooth, gas-free transaction experience, thanks to Gelato's revolutionary 1Balance feature!

Safe Wallet is a multi-signature wallet that requires a minimum number of approvals from designated stakeholders before a transaction can be executed. Users typically need to perform two main functions which require gas fee in safe {wallet}:

  • Create a Safe
  • Send Transactions

Gelato Relay & Safe {Wallet}

With Gelato's relayer integration, both Safe creation and transaction sending can now be executed without any gas fees. This provides a seamless gas free experience to Safe {Wallet} users. Embracing the Advantages of Gelato's 1Balance: Safe {Wallet} effectively utilizes Gelato's 1Balance feature to provide a smooth, gas-free experience for its users. 1Balance payment method of Gelato relayer is an innovative solution that offers:

  1. Cross-chain functionality: Pay gas fees across chains.

  2. Prepaid deposit: Streamlined transactions with pre-funded accounts.

  3. Sponsoring transactions

The integration with the Gelato relayer brings an array of benefits that transform the Safe {Wallet} user experience:

Eliminating Gas Fees

Multisig signers no longer need to pay gas fees when creating a Safe or sending transactions. This eliminates the need for ETH or native blockchain tokens in users' wallets, which significantly improves the overall user experience.

Optimal Gas Prices

The Gelato relayer ensures users always benefit from the best available gas prices when executing transactions. By monitoring and selecting the most favorable gas prices, the relayer helps Safe {Wallet} users save on transaction costs.

MEV & Front-Running Protection

Transactions are routed through private gateways, offering multiple advantages that enhance the security and privacy of Safe {Wallet} users:

Front-running prevention: By utilizing private gateways, the Gelato relayer prevents malicious actors from intercepting and manipulating transaction data.

Enhanced privacy: Routing transactions through private gateways helps maintain user privacy by keeping transaction details away from public eyes.

**Faster mining without reverts:**The Gelato relayer ensures transactions are mined quickly and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of reverts due to network congestion or other factors.

How does it all work?

In the Safe{Core} AA stack, the relay kit plays a crucial role in enabling sponsored transactions by utilizing the Gelato relayer as its backend.

This seamless integration of Gelato 1Balance and Gnosis Chain sponsors user transactions and empowers multisig users with a smooth, gas-free experience.


Safe {core}'s AA SDK allows builders to add account abstraction functionality into their apps which includes the relay kit that provide a gasless experience with Gelato payment methods 1Balance and SyncFee.

This partnership represents a significant step forward in both enhancing the user experience and expanding access to innovative solutions within the web3 community.