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174 days ago

Gelato partners with Blockscout to bring explorer-as-a-service to L2 chains

Gelato's Rollup as a Service(RaaS) allows developers to deploy tailor-made L2 chains effortlessly with just one click, complete with native Account Abstraction with +19 out-of-box infrastructure partners.

Blockscout, a leading open-source blockchain explorer optimized for comprehensive blockchain analysis across various chains, steps in to enrich Gelato’s RaaS Marketplace. It empowers developers with the ability to deploy their own Blockscout explorer instance, complete with custom branding options while ensuring users get real-time updates on transactions, balances, and token transfers.

Building on this collaboration, Astar zkEVM testnet called zKatana has integrated Blockscout for Blockexplorer-as-a-service, ensuring users gain transparent and detailed insights into block production activities, from the genesis block onwards.

Blockscout zKatana Explorer:

Blockscout: The Open-source Blockchain Explorer

Blockscout is a leading open-source blockchain explorer supporting over 450 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains. It offers a user-friendly interface and extensive smart contract and token support. Users can easily engage with EVM blockchains, ensuring robust data discovery and client support across various networks.

Blockscout's Features:

  • Deep Search: Integrated search capabilities provide detailed information on transactions, tags, and more.
  • Contract Interaction: Engage with contracts directly through the Blockscout UI.
  • Contract Verification: Multiple tools are available for swift and reliable contract verification.
  • API Requests: Standardized and customizable endpoints ensure seamless API interactions.
  • Custom Views: The user interface can be tailored with features like tags, watchlists, and more.

The Partnership in Action: Astar’s zKatana Intgerates Blockscout

Astar zkEVM is the first project powered by Gelato's Rollup-as-a-Service Platform built on top of Polygon's zkEVM framework. Astar recently launched zKatana testnet, using Gelato's RaaS for an EVM-equivalent zk-Rollup experience with high scalability and reduced transaction costs.

zKatana, in collaboration with Blockscout, provides users with clear visibility into block production. Thanks to Blockscout's capability to handle rollup transactions, including zk and optimistic L2 rollup-based ones, users get comprehensive transaction tracking.

Since its launch, zKatana has displayed significant activity, with the data from Blockscout Explorer has shown impressive activity: over 49,788 blocks have been mined with an average block time of 10.6 seconds. The testnet has processed 50,271 transactions from 4,456 unique wallet addresses.

What Does This Partnership Brings?

This collaboration between Gelato RaaS and Blockscout brings simple one-click L2 deployment comprehensive block exploration transparency. Developers are provided an optimized platform for chain deployment and benefit from the added blockchain explorer capabilities, right from the genesis block. Meanwhile, users receive clear, detailed insights into every transaction and block activity. This collaboration elevates scalability, user experience, and transparency on L2 chains.

About Gelato

Gelato is a Web3 Cloud Platform empowering developers to create automated, gasless, and off-chain-aware Layer 2 chains and smart contracts. Over 400 web3 projects rely on Gelato for years to facilitate millions of transactions in DeFi, NFTs, and gaming.

  • Gelato RaaS: Deploy your own tailor-made ZK or OP L2 chains in a single click with native Account Abstraction and all Gelato middleware baked in.

  • Web3 Functions: Connect your smart contracts to off-chain data & computation by running decentralized cloud functions.

  • Automate: Automate your smart contracts by executing transactions automatically in a reliable, developer-friendly & decentralized manner.

  • Relay: Give your users access to reliable, robust, and scalable gasless transactions via a simple-to-use API.

  • Account Abstraction SDK: Gelato has partnered with Safe, to build a fully-fledged Account Abstraction SDK, combining Gelato's industry's best gasless transaction capabilities, with the industry's most secure smart contract wallet.

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