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385 days ago

Introducing Gelato Web3 Functions Beta 2.0: Enhanced Performance, Security, and Usability

Web3 Functions has revolutionized the way developers create web3 applications, allowing them to build serverless apps without relying on centralized authorities to run computation, and eliminating the risk of becoming the single point of failure.

We're excited to share the latest version of this service: Web3 Functions Beta 2.0! Our latest version boasts improved performance, security, and usability. In this article, we'll delve into the key updates and benefits of Gelato's latest release, so you can better understand how it can enhance your web3 development experience.

If you're already using Web3 Functions Beta 1.0, and are too excited to wait, check out our Migration Guide to try it for yourself!

New Key Features

Web3 Functions Beta 2.0 introduces six NEW features that enhance cross-chain communication, reduce gas costs, offer streamlined and organized processes, and improved security and performance.

  • Multichain RPC Provider
  • BatchExecuteCall Default Support
  • Task-Specific Secrets Management
  • Hardhat Plugin & Template
  • Improved DevX with Better UserArgs & Secrets Management
  • Security & Audit Improvements

Deepdive into Key New Features

Multichain RPC Provider

This feature allows you to fetch data from multiple networks seamlessly.

For example, if you're building on Polygon, you can now easily access data from Arbitrum!

This feature simplifies cross-chain communication, making it easier to query data with different blockchains and enable interoperability.

BatchExecuteCall Default Support

The batchExecuteCall function enables users to execute multiple function calls within a single transaction.

Web3 Functions Beta 2.0, now also supports calling different methods across different contracts. This cutting-edge feature simplifies the management of blockchain transactions and significantly reduces the gas costs associated with executing multiple actions.

By consolidating various calls into one transaction, users can save both time and resources.

This code shows the execution of multiple function calls across different contracts in a single transaction.

const addresses: string[] = [contractA, ContractB]; // Array of contract addresses
const calls: string[] = [callDataA, callDataB]; // Array of function calls     
proxyInterface.encodeFunctionData("batchExecuteCall", [addresses, calls, values])

Task-Specific Secrets Management

Our revamped secrets management feature is now more streamlined and user-friendly!

This update comes with enhanced granular access control by connecting secrets directly to specific tasks, making it easier to manage multiple projects.

Hardhat Plugin & Template

Developers can benefit from a more efficient and convenient workflow with the hardhat plugin and template.

This tool offers a built-in testing framework, streamlined configuration and environment management, and closer integration with smart contracts.

By incorporating Web3 Functions Beta 2.0 using familiar tooling, developers can save time and optimize their workflow. To get started with Web3 Functions Beta 2.0, you can use this Hardhat template to write, test, and deploy your Web3 Functions!

Improved DevX

We've enhanced the management of user arguments and secrets for development.

Instead of embedding long user arguments in your Web3 Functions Beta 1.0, you can now create and maintain separate JSON configuration files for both secrets and user arguments.

By accessing these files within your Web3 Functions Beta 2.0 file, you'll benefit from a more organized and streamlined development process.

This code shows populating user arguments in separate JSON file, making it easier to maintain and update.


  "currency": "ethereum",
  "oracle": "0x71B9B0F6C999CBbB0FeF9c92B80D54e4973214da"

Security & Audit Improvements

We've been working diligently to strengthen security and performance of Web3 Functions 2.0 in this upgrade.

With numerous enhancements and successful audit checks, we ensure that your experience is not only safer, but also faster than ever before.

Upgrade Your Web3 App Development

Experience improved performance and a smoother user experience with the new and upgraded features of Web3 Functions Beta 2.0.

These new features enhance the functionality and usability of Web3 Functions, making it an even more powerful tool for building unstoppable, decentralized and feature-rich applications.

If you're already using Web3 Functions V1 and want to upgrade to the new version, check out this Migration Guide for a seamless transition.

Get started with Gelato Web3 Functions Beta 2.0

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Web3 Functions Beta 2.0 is available today in private beta. For more information, please check out the Web3 Functions documentation. To learn how to write, test, and deploy your own Web3 Functions, use this Hardhat template

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