Node Sale
as a Service

Engage your community, raise funds, and give your token additional utility by allowing users to participate in securing your network

Enhance Rollup Security with Gelato’s Node-Sale-as-a-Service

Empower your community to run Verifier Nodes and add utility to your token

What is a Node Sale?

A Node Sale allows community members to buy "Node Licences" to run Verifier Nodes and help secure your rollup. They can operate the node themselves with Gelato's software or use a third-party hosting solution.

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Node Sale Solves Key Challenges for Rollups

Enhanced Security

With node sale optimistic rollups don’t need to rely on third-party node operators, but instead allow its community to participate in securing the network

Boosted Token Utility

Securing the network, gas payments, and rewards distribution create additional utility for the rollups's native token

Enhance Your Rollup Security & Token Utility


How can I launch an L2 / L3 and have my community run Verifier Nodes to help secure it?

How do Verifier Nodes enhance the security of the blockchain they participate in?

Why Run a Verifier Node?