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L2 chains as of Day 1

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Create sequencing revenue

Choose to internalize MEV or opt for a fair ordering scheme. Take complete control over mempool design.

Leverage cost-effective Data Availability Layers

Gelato enables you to utilize alternative Data Availability Layers like Celestia or Avail to reduce transaction fees for your users. Process thousands of transactions per second to cater for ecosystems with millions of users.

Get an end-to-end ecosystem infrastructure package

All the infrastructure you need from oracles, bridging, data indexers and account abstraction to cater for wide-array of dApps and usecases from genesis block.

What are developers saying?

Polygon Labs

Gelato RaaS leverages the Polygon CDK rollup framework to empower developers to launch their own Ethereum L2 chains using ZK technology. By building CDK chains with Gelato, developers are joining an ecosystem of ZK-powered chains that are set to interoperate, share liquidity, and revolutionize the Internet’s value layer.As an established web3 infrastructure provider, Gelato offers an extensive suite of solutions for CDK developers, enabling them to build fully serviced appchains, ecosystem chains, or whatever chain types serves their use case the best.With it’s operational expertise, developer affinity, and strong ecosystem, Gelato stands out from the crowd as one of the leading providers for implementing Polygon CDK-developed chains.

Sanket Shah

Head of Growth at Polygon Labs

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