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Deploy custom chains with cutting-edge web2 UX. Seamless integrations with all your favorite Web3 tools & services.

Trusted by over 500 projects
Build & scale Ethereum rollups & Apps
Industry-standard Web3 infra & service solutions on a single platform

Rollup as a Service

Deploy production-grade & fully-serviced rollups natively integrated with Web3 Services

Build your Ethereum Rollup

Build with battle-tested infra, deploy at pace optimistic or zero-
knowledge rollups - all with Ethereum-grade security

Arbitrum Orbit

Arbitrum Orbit

Optimism OP Stack

Optimism OP Stack

Polygon CDK

Polygon CDK

zkSync ZK Stack

zkSync ZK Stack

Case Studies

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“Gelato's out-of-box RaaS solution accelerated our development and ensures Astar's success in Web3 Space. The expertise of the team has been instrumental in optimizing our processes and resources, saving us the equivalent of three full-time senior engineers dedicated solely to blockchain infra.”

Maarten Henskens

Head of Foundation at Astar Network

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Optimism Foundation

Gelato has already executed a million transactions on OP Mainnet for projects like Synthetix, Lyra, and Velodrome, and we’re looking forward to Gelato bringing their developer expertise to help bring the Superchain vision to reality.

Ben Jones

Chief Scientist at the Optimism Foundation

Polygon Labs

Gelato RaaS leverages the Polygon CDK rollup framework to empower developers to launch their own Ethereum L2 chains using ZK technology. By building CDK chains with Gelato, developers are joining an ecosystem of ZK-powered chains that are set to interoperate, share liquidity, and revolutionize the Internet’s value layer.

Sanket Shah

Head of Growth at Polygon Labs


“Using Gelato’s Roll up as a Service Platform allows the Lisk research and development team to be primarily focused on building additional products and tooling that developers and end users love, while also committing resources to the Superchain’s development.”

Dominic Schwenter

Chief Project Officer at Lisk

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Gelato Web3 Services have executed
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35 networks and rollups
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