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Gelato ETHDenver Bounties

Gelato bounties are up for grabs!

GM hackers! Some Gelato bounties are up for grabs alongside ETHDenver 👀

These bounties are open from February 24th to March 5th. You must submit your project on Dorahacks here by 8am MST on March 5th to be eligible. The Gelato bounties will be judged at the same time as ETHDenver, and winners will be announced around the same time as well.

Welcome to the hub for everything you need to know about building on Gelato during this hackathon. Keep reading for more details on the bounties as well as some inspiration on what to build. Best of luck!

Bounty Descriptions & Criteria

1) Integrate Gelato with Superfluid

Prize Pool: $1000 in GEL with the winning project receiving the full $1000.

Criteria: Integrate Superfluid’s money streaming with any of Gelato’s services: Automate, Relay, Web3 Functions and/or the Gasless Wallet SDK.

Ideas: Any applications that combine Gelato and Superfluid will be considered for the prize, but here are some ideas for you to get started:

  • Leverage Gelato’s Web3 Functions to create a subscription service off-chain
  • Create a Reward DAO by using Gelato’s Web3 Functions in combination with Superfluid’s [Instant Distribution Agreements].( This could be done by creating a NFT DAO contract which can receive Superfluid streams and, when certain off-chain conditions are met, this will execute and distribute rewards amongst the NFT holders.
  • Combine Gelato Automate and Superfluid streams to make an NFT lending web3 app that will allow for borrowing and lending an NFT as long as a stream is active.

2) Utilize Gelato's Web3 Functions to run decentralized cloud functions that connect your smart contracts to off-chain data & computation

Prize Pool: $6000 in GEL with 6 winning projects eligible to receive up to $1000 each.

Criteria: Use a Web3 Function in your project to leverage the power of off-chain conditions for your web3 automations

Ideas: Any applications of a Web3 Function will be considered for the prize pool, but here are some ideas for you to get started:

  • Leveraging an off-chain oracle such as RedStone to execute based on on-chain conditions off-chain. This means you don’t have to worry about gas or complicated oracle connections.
  • Design and build a PoC for automated strategies with Arrakis using Web3 Functions. This would be an epic combination of the power of Gelato’s decentralized backend and Arrakis decentralized market making infrastructure.
  • Use Gelato’s Safe Module together with Web3 Functions to create an automated yield harvesting smart contract wallet. See more information on Safe Modules here.
  • Create limit orders using Web3 Functions with a DEX aggregator such as 1inch or ParaSwap.

3) Integrate Gelato's Gasless Wallet SDK into your project for an ultra smooth onboarding UX

Prize Pool: $3000 in GEL with the 4 winning projects eligible to receive up to $750 each.

Criteria: Integrate the Gasless Wallet SDK in your project

The Gasless Wallet SDK allows your users to log in with their socials, (Google, Discord etc) using Web3Auth, and have a smart contract wallet Gnosis Safe deployed for everyone with just one click and a few lines of code from your side. This Safe wallet offers very powerful features through account abstraction whilst giving your users the luxury of not having to worry about private key management.

Ideas: Any applications of the Gasless Wallet will be considered for the prize pool, but here are some ideas for you to get started:

  • NFT Minting: You can utilize Gelato Relay to achieve a fully gasless experience in combination with the Gasless Wallet by sponsoring transactions for your users using our multi-chain payment system 1Balance.
  • Combine a fiat on-ramp such as MoonPay or Transak with the Gasless Wallet to achieve an auto top up for the EOA and the smart contract wallet.
  • Gasless Onboarding: Using the Gasless Onboarding methods, create a portable front-end package that allows developers to integrate with the Gasless Wallet even easier than our own SDK. Think higher-level like Tailwind CSS for CSS, or Next.js for React.
  • A browser-based wallet-like extension with a simple interface to display all assets owned by the Safe Wallet deployed when using the Gasless Wallet SDK; including native and ERC-20/721 tokens. The simpler the better.

4) Use Gelato's Gasless Wallet SDK and integrate it with Base (new L2 incubated by Coinbase)

Prize Pool: $1500 in GEL for two winning projects eligible to receive up to $750 each.

Criteria: Build any project on Base and integrate the Gasless Wallet SDK to be eligible. The sky’s the limit, especially on Base's stack!

Judging Criteria


  • Does your project’s stack actively contribute to improving UX in a meaningful way?
  • Is it easy to use for new users?
  • When using your project, do the three S’s ‘seamless’, ‘smooth’ and ‘simple’ come to mind?


  • Is the code clean, easy-to-read with documentation, basic tests (if applicable) and forkable with a proper and concise README?
  • Can the code run with a testnet deployment successfully and without hiccups?

Product Market Fit:

  • Does your project satisfy a current gap in the market when it comes to improving web3’s mass adoption?
  • Is your project solving this product market fit in a unique and creative way?
  • Does your project solve a pet peeve of yours? If so, explain what it is and why? Note: Sometimes the best solutions are built from a user’s own frustration at the gap in the market.


For more tips on a successful hackathon with Gelato, check out our Gelato Hackathon Wiki. For more technical resources, head to our Developer Resources page or our Documentation.

Specific Tutorials can be found here:

Bring in some reinforcements

If you have any questions or would like support, jump into our Discord and say hello! Feel free to ask all hackathon-related questions in the #ethdenver channel.