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335 days ago

Hyperscalability: Welcome to the ERA of the ZK Stack!

ICYMI; zkSync recently published ZK Credo, a document that outlines the foundational principles for ZK technology and outlines the growing importance of zero-knowledge in web3.

We're excited to share a peek at their ZK Stack: a modular framework that serves as a game-changer for building sovereign ZK-powered chains, (known as Hyperchains). The ZK Stack is built to empower developers with unparalleled capabilities and flexibility.

Key Features of the ZK Stack

  • Open Source: ZK Stack is built under fully permissive MIT/Apache licenses, ensuring availability at no cost
  • Composability: With the ZK Stack, Hyperchains can seamlessly connect within a trustless network, boasting low latency and shared liquidity
  • Modularity: The ZK Stack offers unprecedented customization options
  • Developers can shape every aspect of their Hyperchain, from choosing the sequencer and data availability mode to defining their tokenomics. This level of flexibility opens up new avenues for creativity and uniqueness
  • Reliability: The ZK Stack will maintain the same high security and reliability standards as zkSync ERA

Use Cases for the ZK Stack

Gaming and Social Network Development

If you're creating a game or a social network and require a lightweight sequencer unburdened by other dapps and use cases, the ZK Stack provides the flexibility to tailor the Hyperchain to meet your specific requirements

Building An Exchange Appchain

The ZK Stack offers the ideal solution for those building an exchange appchain with a strong emphasis on low-latency sequencing, similar to platforms like dYdX.

You can also optimize your Hyperchain to prioritize fast and efficient transaction processing.

Banks or Enterprises

If you are a bank or an enterprise in search of a closed private chain while maintaining connectivity with the broader ecosystem, the ZK Stack offers the necessary infrastructure.

You can create a private Hyperchain that remains interconnected with other chains, ensuring secure and efficient operations.

Network of Applications

The ZK Stack makes it possible to build a network of applications capable of interacting with each other free from the trust assumptions inherent in cross-chain bridges.

Hyperchains within the ZK Stack ecosystem facilitate seamless and secure communication between applications, fostering a trustless environment at a minimal cost.

Token-Centric Use Cases

The ZK Stack offers immense flexibility in scenarios where your use case is tied to a specific token and you intend to utilize it as the base token of the system.

You can design your Hyperchain to optimize the functionality and efficiency of said token within your specific use case.

These examples illustrate the versatility and adaptability of the ZK Stack, making it a compelling choice for developers with unique requirements in various sectors and use cases.

What Exactly is the ZK Stack?

It is a modular, open-source framework that empowers developers to build custom ZK-powered L2 and L3 solutions, known as Hyperchains.

Built upon the codebase of zkSync Era, the ZK Stack provides developers complete control over their chains. Hyperchains operate independently while relying on Ethereum L1 for liveness and security. The interconnection of Hyperchains is facilitated by a network of Hyperbridges, enabling seamless, trustless, and cost-effective interoperability.

Within the ZK Stack, each Hyperchain effortlessly integrates into our highly scalable ecosystem, driven by shared provers and fractal scaling. This integration ensures the establishment of an unfragmented liquidity network, eliminating barriers and maximizing connectivity.

Users within this ecosystem can swiftly transfer their assets in a matter of minutes, benefiting from a trustless environment and avoiding any additional costs associated with inter-Hyperchain transactions facilitated by Hyperbridges.

Furthermore, smart contracts will have the capability to interact asynchronously across different chains, enabling seamless cross-chain communication.

Notably, the Hyperchains themselves retain their sovereignty, allowing them the freedom to join alternative ecosystems while retaining full control over their assets, should they decide to transition away from the ZK Stack.

The adoption of ZK technology unlocks extraordinary capabilities that are beyond the reach of existing non-ZK solutions.

Here are a few notable examples of the superpowers enabled by ZK technology within the ZK Stack:

  • Enhanced UX

The ZK Stack stands out in the current L2 landscape by offering the exclusive feature of native Account Abstraction. This unique design leverages the gas-less calldata in ZK-enabled architecture, enhancing user experience.

  • Compression

The succinctness property of ZK proofs empowers the ZK Stack to achieve remarkable transaction cost reductions. Specifically, certain transaction types like Oracle updates can be up to 1,000 times cheaper on the ZK Stack compared to other rollup platforms. This compression of costs opens up new possibilities for efficient and affordable transaction processing.

  • Low Cost

In addition to the ZK rollup mode, where Hyperchain accounts inherit Ethereum's robust security, the ZK Stack goes a step further. It offers the optional extension of extremely cost-effective zkPorter accounts, catering to specific use cases that demand ultra-low-cost solutions. This flexibility ensures that the ZK Stack can adapt to diverse requirements while maintaining affordability.

These examples demonstrate the exceptional advantages offered by ZK technology within the ZK Stack. The incorporation of native Account Abstraction cost compression through ZK proofs, and the availability of ultra-low-cost zkPorter accounts exemplify the innovative strides we have taken to revolutionize the realm of decentralized solutions.

Hyperscalability Unlocked

Hyperscalability is a defining characteristic of the ZK Stack, empowering developers to construct their own independent and sovereign Hyperchains while preserving interoperability and composability.

Each Hyperchain seamlessly integrates into the ZK Stack ecosystem, supported by shared provers and fractal scaling techniques. This integration fosters an unfragmented liquidity network, ensuring a seamless flow of assets.

Users within this ecosystem can swiftly transfer their assets in a matter of minutes, benefiting from a trustless environment and avoiding any additional costs associated with inter-Hyperchain transactions facilitated by Hyperbridges. Moreover, smart contracts can asynchronously communicate across different chains, enabling efficient cross-chain interactions.

The Hyperchains themselves retain their sovereignty, granting them the freedom to join alternative ecosystems while retaining full control over their assets, should they decide to transition away from the ZK Stack. This flexibility allows for dynamic exploration and utilization of various ecosystems while ensuring the portability and security of assets.

In essence, the ZK Stack offers an environment of hyperscalability, enabling the creation of sovereign Hyperchains that seamlessly integrate into a limitless ecosystem, facilitating swift and secure asset transfers, and providing the freedom to connect and transition across alternative ecosystems.

Build on zkSync ERA with Gelato

For more information about ZK Stack explore the zkSync Era docs and dive deep into ZK Stack hyperchain vision.

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